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Configurations & Registration

Game Configuration
Clash of Kingdoms is a browser-based flash game.

Minimum requirements:
IE 6.0+ or Firefox 2.0+
Flash Player v. 9+
We advise optimum configuration for the best game performance:
IE 7.0+ or Firefox 3.0+
Flash Player 10+
Flash Player 10 Latest official version download

Character Creation

 1. Visit our site and register an Account
 2. Log in your Account and choose a server to begin character creation
 3. Choose your Kingdom from the list of options
 4. Choose your main Hero’s personality. Each personality has the following traits:

         Balanced: All stats increase equally when leveling up.
         Courageous: Power increases faster when leveling up.  (Power: increases unit attack significantly, slightly increases unit defense and troop size.)
         Charismatic: Leadership increases faster when leveling up. (Leadership: increases unit defense significantly, slightly increases unit attack and troop size.)
         Wise: Intellect increases faster when leveling up.  (Intellect: increases both unit attack and defense, also increases troop size by a slight margin.)
         Shrewd: Politics increases faster when leveling up. (Politics: increases troop size significantly.)

5. Enter the game and prepare for battle!

The information above is for reference only. Information is subject to change based on in-game values.

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