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No one can stay friends forever, and the hottest fury cools in the face of war weariness. Managing ever-changing diplomatic relations is just as important as martial tactics and troop formations. Once the Premier appoints a Minister of Diplomacy, your Kingdom can forge an alliance with another Kingdom to combine military might.

Click Kingdom and view the Premier tab to read about the office of Premier and elections.

The Premier is elected through a kingdom-wide election. The first election takes place 4 days after the server opens. Elections last for 3 days, at the end of which the candidate with the highest number of votes will immediately take office as Premier.

Any player with Development, Honors, or Contribution ranked in the top 50 in the Kingdom can run for election. Players with a score ranking in the top 70% and Development higher than 0 can vote in the election. Ballots cast by players with higher Titles will be weighted more than average ballots.

If you are unsatisfied with the results of the election, you can initiate an impeachment vote as early as 4 days after the election. Only players with the title of Infante or higher and ranking top 10 on Development, Honors, or Contribution scores can initiate impeachment. A score ranking in the top 30% and Development higher than 0 is required to vote on impeachment. The Premier is the only player in each Kingdom who can hold rank X. The Premier also holds the power to raise other player ranks as high as IX and set rank requirements on each city in the Kingdom. All officials and Governors in the Kingdom are appointed by the Premier as well. The Premier initiates Kingdom tasks to stimulate Kingdom-wide growth and development.

Click the Election tab to view candidates, nominate yourself and cast a vote. Click Self-nominate to nominate yourself, or click Vote next to another player’s name if your ranking isn’t high enough.

After an Alliance is forged, you can’t deploy troops towards your Ally’s cities. If you join forces to attack a city belonging to a third Kingdom, your troops will not attack each other.
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