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Recruiting Heroes

You can recruit Heroes in city Taverns.
Every day you have ten chances to Offer a Toast for ten Silver to refresh the Hero list. Using the Recruit Notice item can give you more chances to Offer a Toast

If you can’t wait another day to find a great Hero, you can spend Gold to Buy a Round or Host a Feast to refresh more Heroes. There is no limit to the number of times you can Buy a Round or Host a Feast.

Spending more Gold will increase the probability of meeting Epic and Legendary Heroes. These Heroes have higher Basic Stats and Growth Rate and more Specialties and Battle Formations. Epic Heroes are relatively rare, while Legendary Heroes are extremely rare and more powerful than the average Epic Hero.
Find a Hero that best suits your play style from the list, and click “Recruit” to recruit them into your service.

You can increase your Hero limit by upgrading the Hero Summit technology.

Hero training

Every Hero has different Base Stats and Growth Rate. Those who have higher level Basic Stats will be stronger at low levels, but a high Growth Rate will make a Hero stronger at higher levels. Growth Rates are fixed and will not be affected by other factors.

Heroes can gain experience by doing City Operations, using items and, of course, slaying enemies in battle. When enough experience is accumulated, the Hero’s level will increase and all stats will increase according to the Growth Rate.
Heroes earn one free point for distribution per level. Click the + beside one of the Hero’s stats to assign the point.

Power: Increases Unit Attack significantly, slightly increases Unit Defense and Troop Size. Also influences Station House Patrol's effectiveness.
Leadership: Increases Unit Defense significantly, slightly increases Unit Attack and Troop Size. Also influences Repair City Wall's effectiveness.
Intellect: Increases both Unit Attack and Defense, also increases Troop Size by a slight margin.
Politics: Increases Troop Size significantly and also influences Post
House's Road Maintenance and Expand Market effectiveness.

Epic Heroes

The strongest Heroes in the game are the Epic Heroes based on historical generals of the Three Kingdoms era. 70 Epic Heroes appear in the game, players can recruit them by Offering Toasts, Ordering Rounds and Hosting Feasts in the City Tavern.

Heroes Gear
Equipping Gear can improve a Hero’s basic stats and occasionally provide other bonuses too. Each Hero has Weapon, Armor, Mount, Accessory and Treasure gear slots

Each Item has Basic Stats and/or Bonuses. Higher Quality Gear has higher stats, but is naturally harder to get. The color of the Item name will change corresponding to the Quality, more advanced items may have level requirements.

Hundreds of Items are available to be discovered. The following is only a partial list to give you a taste of what’s waiting out there!

Gold-Backed Broadsword

Measuring over three feet in length, the broadsword is decorated with an ornate gold overlay.

Iron Scimitar

A razor-sharp iron sword capable of slicing through multiple layers of armor in a single swing.

Lunar Broadsword

Sword of the great warrior Guan Yu. A weapon that inspires awe in all who see it. 

Red Tassel Spear

Lightweight and perfect for nimble and precise attacks. The spear has a gold blade and wooden handle.

Double-sided Crane Spear

Equipped at each end with a spearhead, this weapon was once purportedly used by Gongsun Zan to crack open dragon eggs to feed his army.

Emerald Blade

A powerful sword that emanates a brilliant emerald lustre.

Mohist Rapier

A sword produced by Mohist school craftsmen of the Spring and Autumn Period. The blade is covered in faint intertwined veins produced during the forging process.

Heaven's Throne Sword

Armament of the infamous Cao Cao. Cuts through iron like a knife through butter.

Double-threat Halberd

The head of the weapon boasts a pointed bronze tip with a crescent blade extending from the side. The dual function allows the wielder to slice and stab.

Fine Lancet

A high-grade and well-balanced iron halberd that handles with ease. Perfect for quick slashes and dramatic stabs.


A virtually impenetrable chainmail breastplate.

Martial Tunic

A simple outfit often worn by practitioners of martial arts.

Yin-Yang Guard

The chest is emblazoned with the Daoist yin-yang symbol. The armor is said to connect the warrior with the natural powers of the Earth and Heavens.

Blizzard Steed

A famous horse of the western territories. White as the driven snow.

Brass Band
A ring made of brass.
Bamboo Ring
A fragile ring made of bamboo.
Lion's Head Shield

A depiction of a lion's head covers the outer surface of the shield. This shield saw heavy circulation in the pre-dynastic era.


The information above is for reference only. Information is subject to change based on in-game values.
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