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Novice questions

Notice questions

1. What is determined by the state selection process?
Answer: The state you select determines which kingdom you will belong to.

2. After I’ve selected a state, can I change it later on?
Answer: After a player has selected a state he/she will become a subject of the kingdom that the state belongs to. Each player has the chance to betray his/her kingdom three times.

3. What are the different character personalities?
Balanced: All stats increase equally when leveling up.
Courageous: Power increases faster when leveling up.
What are the different properties of Power, Leadership, Intellect and Politics?
Wise: Intellect increases faster when leveling up.
Shrewd: Politics increases faster when leveling up.
Charismatic: Leadership increases faster when leveling up.

3b. What are the different properties of Power, Leadership, Intellect and Politics?
Power: Increases Unit Attack significantly, slightly increases Unit Defense and Troop Size. Also influences Station House Patrol's effectiveness.
Leadership: Increases Unit Defense significantly, slightly increases Unit Attack and Troop Size. Also influences Repair City Wall\'s effectiveness.
Intellect: Increases both Unit Attack and Defense, also increases Troop Size by a slight margin.
Politics: Increases Troop Size significantly and also influences Post House\'s Road Maintenance and Expand Market effectiveness.

4. What is more important in battle, troop size or hero stats and specialties?
Answer: In battle there is no absolute formula for success, only by balancing a variety of factors can you ensure victory. First, you’ll need to grasp the importance of teamwork: cooperation with your legion and kingdom are prerequisites for victory. Next, you’ll need to find heroes with high stats and level them up through city activities like Bandit Blowout, Improve Roads and Expand Market. Finally, you must cultivate a massive army. Only armies with high troop size stand a chance in large-scale battles. Don’t forget that the larger your troop, the more food it consumes. No battle is won through one-sided strength, only through balanced growth and cultivation will you find true success.

5. When you first enter the game can you only accumulate resources and recruit soldiers?
Answer: 1. Complete the Beginner’s Quests 2. Build up resources in the capital 3. Concentrate on finishing all other quests.

6. How can I level up quickly?
Answer: 1. Bandit Blowout; 2. Deploy troops into battle; 3. Build up your cities (Repair City Wall, Station House Patrol, Expand Market, Improve Roads)

7. Some actions require Gold. Where do I get Gold?
Answer: You can obtain Gold through the Buy Gold option.

8. What is the purpose of the Warehouse? How do I store things there?
Answer: The Warehouse is used for storing resources. You don’t need to actively store resources; any resources in a manor are automatically in the warehouse. The higher the level of your Warehouse, the more resources you can store inside.

 Lv.1 Warehouse
 Lv.2 Warehouse
 Lv.3 Warehouse
 Lv.4 Warehouse
 Lv.5 Warehouse
 Lv.6 Warehouse
 Lv.7 Warehouse
 Lv.8 Warehouse
 Lv.9 Warehouse
 Lv.10 Warehouse
 Lv.11 Warehouse
 Lv.12 Warehouse
 Lv.13 Warehouse
 Lv.14 Warehouse
 Lv.15 Warehouse
 Lv.16 Warehouse
 Lv.17 Warehouse
 Lv.18 Warehouse
 Lv.19 Warehouse
 Lv.20 Warehouse
 Lv.1 Granary
 Lv.2 Granary
 Lv.3 Granary
 Lv.4 Granary
 Lv.5 Granary
 Lv.6 Granary
 Lv.7 Granary
 Lv.8 Granary
 Lv.9 Granary
 Lv.10 Granary
 Lv.11 Granary
 Lv.12 Granary
 Lv.13 Granary
 Lv.14 Granary
 Lv.15 Granary
 Lv.16 Granary
 Lv.17 Granary
 Lv.18 Granary
 Lv.19 Granary
 Lv.20 Granary

9. Why does it say “your building queue has already reached the limit, you cannot upgrade?”
Answer: The default building queue size is 4 projects. If you already have 4 projects in progress, you’ll need to wait until one of those projects completes before initiating another. You can also use the Lu Ban Manual or the Authoritative Lu Ban Manual to expand your building queue limit to 10 projects!

10. Why don’t you lose silver when recruiting soldiers?
Answer: Recruiting “Clash of Kingdoms” troop types require resources not silver!

11. Does your hero need to bring soldiers when doing Intensive Study?
Answer: When a hero is deployed, doing a bandit blowout or participating in city improvement he/she will need to bring soldiers. The hero’s troop size is decided by his/her Politics. That being said, a hero does not need to bring troops to do intensive study.

12. Resources aren’t shared between manors? How do I transport resources between manors?
Answer: Resources are not shared between Manors. You’ll need to rally a troop of Carriers or Carrier Wagons to help you transport your resources between manors. Once rallied, deploy the troop, resources in tow, to the city you wish to transport to and when they get there just unload the resources and you’re done! Alternatively, you can pay a small fee to transport them instantly at the city Post House.

13. Why does it always take my Heroes longer than other players’ to reach a battle?
Your Hero’s Troop is restricted by the march speed of the units rallied, and each unit type has its own marching peed. Before battle, try stationing your troops in cities near the front line, this should increase their chances of staying with the main pack when the battle starts!

14. What do the “30% Faster” and “Exact Arrival” functions do in the “Deployment” interface?
Answer: 30% Faster: decreases march time by 30%.
Exact Arrival: Given your unit’s troop speed and the distance to your destination, this function allows you to control what time your troop will arrive at a certain city. Let’s say you want to deploy your Heroes now and they’re scheduled to arrive on June 18th at 8:50 PM, but in order to enter a city simultaneously with your legion you must arrive at 10:00 PM June 18th  +/- 30 secs. In this situation, you can use Exact Arrival to ensure that you will arrive within that 30 sec. time frame.

15. How do I adjust attack settings?
Answer: When you Rally a troop, look for the “Combat Settings” button in the upper right to set Attack and Defense settings. Alternatively, when deploying a troop, find the “Attack Settings” button on the bottom right corner of the Deploy window and click to enter the interface. You can select, “Attack enemies within range,” “priorities” and “tactics.”

16. My Troop has reached the front line but has no food and I don’t have a manor in this city. What do I do?
Answer: Units without food provisions cannot participate in battle or reach the target city. You can deploy a Carrier unit to the front line and “Provide Aid” on the Battlefield interface.

17. When you go to battle, do you need to do the fighting yourself, or is it done automatically?
will do all the fighting for you in accordance with your settings and stats.

18. Can I retreat midway through a battle?
Answer: At this point you cannot retreat before a battle has finished.

19. What kind of city should I build my manor in?
Answer: Some cities require that you have a certain rank in order to build a manor there. For instance, if the rank requirement of the city is 5, then you must be of level 5 or above to build a manor in that city. Other than that, where you choose to build your city will be based upon your own tactics. Some cities come with specific features such as increased output of a certain resources. You should keep in mind a city’s particular features and physical location when deciding where to open your manor.

20. If my manor is in a city on the front line, what unit type should I develop?
You should take into consideration your legion and kingdom’s specific needs when deciding what unit type to develop. Ex: If you’re on the defensive, recruit more archers!

21. How long does it take to completely recover a Hero’s stamina?
A hero’s stamina will recover by 200 points per hour.

22. What kind of troops should my Hero rally? What specialties should I go for?
Answer: Every Hero will have their own preset specialties, stats and formations. Use this data to decide what unit type to rally. For example, Xu Shu’s Wild Goose Formation significantly increases Archer attack, so most players will have Xu Shu rally Archers.

23. What is the relationship between a City’s level and military strength?
Answer: Before being captured by a Kingdom, every city has NPC Troops defending it. The higher the level of the city, the greater its NPC’s military strength and the higher the level of its troop types.

24. I’ve got a Soldier Tomb Map, why can I still not see my Hero in Treasure Hunt?
Answer: Please disband your troop and then check the Treasure Hunt interface again.

25. How do I increase my rank?
Answer: The premier and other Rank 8 players can adjust your rank. You should try to improve your Contribution or Honor levels to prove your dedication to the Kingdom before requesting an increase in Rank

26.Is there any way of getting Bronze Mirrors other than spending Gold?
You can get Bronze Mirrors through completing Missions and participating in activities.

27. enemy troop attacks a city that I have troop rallied in, will my Troop start fighting automatically or do I need to activate the troop somehow?
The troop will start fighting automatically.

28. How are counterattacks calculated? Why does it seem that the counterattack is always pretty weak?
Answer: The strength of a counterattack is 10% of a normal attack.

29. Can you recall a Hero who has already been deployed?
Answer: As of now there is no recall function.

30. Can the effects of multiple training grounds within one manor stack? For instance, if I have two training grounds both adding 5% percent, is the overall effect?
Answer: You can only build one Training Ground in a manor.

31. How do I use the Soldier Tomb Map and Dreamsong Folk Scripture?
Go to The Caves to use the Soldier Tomb Map in a Treasure Hunt and the Dreamsong Folk Scripture in Intensive Study.

32. How do I abandon a Manor?
Go into the Manor, click on Manor Management on the right panel and then click “abandon.”

33. If the city in which my manor is located is taken by another kingdom, do I lose that manor?
Answer: Indeed!

34. Can I plunder resources or do I have to accumulate them all myself?
Answer: As of now you can’t plunder resources in the game.

35. How are a troop type’s attack and defense calculated?
A troop type’s attack and defense is calculated by multiplying a single troop’s attack and defense by the number of troops.

36. How do I delete a character and create a new one?
As of this time you cannot delete characters.

37. How do I use a Legion Card?
Click on the “activities” button on the top-left corner of the main interface. Find the “Join a Legion, get rewards” activity to use the card.

39. How much Silver will it cost to upgrade a troop type’s technology to the highest level?

Technology Name
Upgrade Cost
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers

40. How do I check a deployed unit’s status?
Answer: Click on the “Hero” button in the top left panel of the main interface. All of your Hero’s statuses are displayed there.

41. How do I get the books that are used in Intensive Study?
Answer: You can get them through participating in Bandit Blowouts.

42. How do I use Carrier Units?
Answer: First, rally a Troop with Carrier Units and load them with resources. Then, deploy the unit to the desired city and when they reach unload the resources.

43. Do Formations have any effect on Siege Weapons?
Answer: Yes.

44. Why won’t Lu Sun’s “sea of flames” specialty activate when commanding a Cavalry unit?
Answer: Some specialties can only be used with a particular troop type. In this case, the “sea of flames” specialty only works with archer units.

45. What happens to my Hero when injured in battle?
Answer: Your Hero will recover from injury in battle after a certain period of time.

46. Where are the Food Reserves? I can’t find it!
Answer: You can find the Reserves on the Battlefield in the right side formation panel. If you can’t see that information, then you don’t have a high enough rank to view that info.

47. Can rank and title be combined? For instance, could a Rank III Viscount (the 3rd title) create a manor in a Lv. 5 city?
Answer: Mostly, Title and Rank cannot be combined.

48. What order should I follow in upgrading technology? I’ve already maxed my manor creation technology, what should I do next?
Answer:There is no particular order you need to follow in upgrading technology. Just follow your instincts!

49. The system information reports that tens of thousands of troops are on the attack, but the first groups to arrive have just a couple troops each. What’s going on?
Answer: The system information is reporting on the total number of units en route to the target city. The system will also report the time that the first troop will arrive at the target city. Of course, it’s immensely difficult to have 10,000 soldiers arrive at a city simultaneously, so the majority of attack Troops will arrive well after the time listed.
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