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Military Buildings:

Military buildings include Barracks, Stables, Archery Range, and Workshop. These buildings are required to recruit troops. You will need to upgrade the buildings and related technology, to recruit more advanced troops.
Higher level buildings will also have decreased recruit speed. Don't forget, you need to rally your units under a Hero's command before you can use them in battle!

Infantry are recruited at the Barracks.

Cavalry are recruited at the Stable.

Archers are recruited at the Archery Range.

Siege Weapons are built at the Workshop.

Recruiting Units

Click on any military building to see a list of units you can recruit there. Each unit requires a fixed amount of resources and time to recruit, and you can currently only queue one batch of new recruits at a time. Use the slider or enter a number to choose the number of units to recruit, then click “Recruit,” and your new units will begin recruiting automatically

You can only build 5 of each military building per manor. Each building has a max queue size of 100 units, and can only hold one recruit queue at a time. The fastest recruit speed you can attain using items and Gold is 10 seconds per unit.

Military Technology

You can only recruit higher level units after you have met certain requirements. Higher level units must be built in higher level military buildings, and you must have researched the requisite technologies before these units become available.

Click   to research Technology.

Ultimate Soldier When both ATK and DEF technologies for any one soldier class (Cav., Inf. or Archer) reach lv. 10, you can choose an Ultimate Soldier from that soldier class. You can choose only one Ultimate Soldier Unit.
Flying Daggers Increase Infantry Attack by 2% per level.
Iron-clad Horse Increase Cavalry Attack by 2% per level.
Arrow Torrent Increase Archer Attack by 2% per level.
Siege Arts Increase Siege Weapon Attack by 2% per level.
Stalwart Troops Increase Infantry Defense by 2% per level.
Equine Divinity Increase Cavalry Defense by 2% per level.
Elusive Bowman Increase Archer Defense by 2% per level.
Reinforced Armor Increase Siege Weapon Defense by 2% per level.
Wooden Ox Increase troop Carry Load by 2% per level.
Empire of One Increase number of manors you can have by one per level.
Hero Summit Increase number of Heroes you can have by one per level.
Iron Fist Increase max. number of heroes you can command by 30 per level.

Ultimate Soldier Unit
Advanced players will get the chance to choose one of 16 ultimate soldier to recruit in their Manors. Each player can only choose one ultimate soldier, and their choice will be permanent.
You can view the requirements for choosing an Ultimate Soldier by clicking Research   and viewing the Ultimate Soldier technology. Once you meet the requirements to unlock your Ultimate Soldier, you can choose for free.

Once you have level 10 Attack and Defense technologies for one unit type, you can choose your Ultimate Soldier.

Click Choose to open the Ultimate Soldier selection screen. You can view a list of available Ultimate Soldiers and view detailed stats, prices, and skills for each one. You will only be able to choose Ultimate Soldiers of the unit type corresponding to your level 20 Attack and Defense technologies.

When you’ve made your decision, click Ok to confirm, and the Ultimate Soldier technology slot will now display your Ultimate Soldier unit.

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