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Kingdom Landmarks

Every Kingdom owns Landmarks that grant Kingdom-wide bonuses. Upgrading Landmarks requires much more Silver than any one player could earn, so every player should donate generously to maximize advantages.

Xuan Yuan Temple
Ancestral Temple devoted to the first emperor of China, Xuan Yuan. Each level will give our kingdom's troops a 2% increase in Attack.
The Great Wall
The Great Wall was constructed in response to the hordes of invaders that came streaming into the Central Plains in ancient times. Each level will give our kingdom's troops a 2% increase in Defense.
Dragon Spring Valley
Commemorative site for the great ancestral master of blacksmithing Ou Yezi. Each level will give our kingdom's Manors a 2% increase in Iron Output.
Earth God Temple
A temple used to offer sacrifices to Hou Tu, the witchly Earth God. Each level will give our kingdom's Manors a 2% increase in Stone Output.
Spring Spirit Palace
A sanctuary dedicated to the master of all earthly flora, the Spring Spirit. Each level will give our kingdom's Manors a 2% increase in Wood Output.
Herb Lord Pagoda
Place of worship for the god of farming and herbal medicine, the Herb Lord. The Herb Lord is a mythical emperor of the ancient world. Each level will give our kingdom's Manors a 2% increase in Food Output.
Shrine of Mammon
A shrine dedicated to the God of Wealth, Mammon. Each level will give our kingdom's Manors a 2% increase in Silver Output.
The Path of Nine Kingdoms
A wide and far-reaching byway dating back to the pre-dynastic period of ancient China. Each level will give our kingdom's Troops a 2% increase in Marching Speed. 

Kingdom Election

The first election:
Elections will begin on the second day of a new server. Each round of elections lasts two days.

Term length and the election cycle:
The Premier is the only Rank X player. Premiers hold office for 16 days. An election cycle is 14 days.

Any player with rankings in the Kingdom’s top 50 in either Development, Contribution, or Honor at the start of an election is eligible to run for Premier.

Voting eligibility:
Any member in the Faction who has Development above 0 and any ranking in the top 70% of the Kingdom is qualified to vote in an election. Each player can only vote for one candidate per election.

Vote counting:
Each player’s vote is weighted according to their Title. Players with higher Titles have more influence during an election.

Election regulations:
When the election ends, the candidate with the best weighted vote results will win the election.
If there is only one candidate, at least one vote is required for legitimacy. If no votes are cast, the election fails and the Kingdom will have no Premier during the next term.
If multiple candidates have the same vote results, the player who submitted their candidacy earliest wins the election.

Election results:
After the election, the player with the highest weighted vote results becomes the Premier of the Kingdom and attains Rank X. The Ex-Premier drops from Rank X to Rank VII. Other officials hold the same Rank and Office.

If someone is unsatisfied with the results of an election, they can initiate an impeachment vote as early as 4 days after the election. Only players with the title of Infante or higher and ranking top 10 in Development, Honors, or Contribution scores can initiate impeachment. A score ranking in the top 30% and Development higher than 0 is required to vote in impeachment proceedings.


Each player begins with 3 chances to betray their Kingdom and join another. After three, there will be no Kingdoms left willing to accept such a traitor (unless your Kingdom is destroyed), so don’t abuse this option!

1) Before betraying your Kingdom, you must first abandon all Manors outside of the capital and disband all Troops.
2) After betraying your Kingdom, only a Manor in the capital will continue to exist. All units, both idle and in troops, and resources will be lost.
3) When you betray your Kingdom, all buildings over Lv.10 will be reduced by two levels (but not below level 10), and you will lose one opportunity for betrayal.
4) If your original Kingdom has been destroyed, all buildings over Lv.10 will still be reduced by two levels (but not below level 10), but it will not count as a betrayal.

The information above is for reference only. Information is subject to change based on in-game values.

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