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Hero Cultivation

Where can I view my Heroes?
Click “Heroes”   on the main action menu to see a list of your current Heroes.
Hero Leveling and Stats

A basic measure of a Hero’s level. Higher level Heroes will have higher stats. Level is determined by total experience. The current level cap is 30.

Required to level up. When the Hero’s current experience bar is filled, the hero will automatically increase to the next level.
Required for Heroes to take actions. Every time a Hero does a Bandit Blowout, marches between cities or engages in city operations, different amounts of Stamina will be consumed. If the Hero does not have enough Stamina, no action will be taken. You can use items to replenish stamina instantly, or wait for stamina to regenerate naturally over time. Heroes have 2000 max stamina.
Stat Points:
Heroes earn one free point for distribution per level. Click the  beside one of the Hero’s stats to assign unused points. After you’ve assigned stat points, click “Ok” to confirm or “Reset” to reassign the unused points. Once you confirmed your stats, you cannot have it reassigned.
Basic Stats:
Stats determine a Hero’s basic strength in battle. There are four basic stats: power, leadership, intellect and politics.

Increases Unit Attack significantly, slightly increases Unit Defense and Troop Size. Also influences Station House Patrol's effectiveness.
Increases Unit Defense significantly, slightly increases Unit Attack and Troop Size. Also influences Repair City Wall's effectiveness.
Increases both Unit Attack and Defense, also increases Troop Size by a slight margin.
Increases Troop Size significantly and also influences Post House's Road Maintenance and Expand Market effectiveness. 
Growth Rate:
Growth Rate determines how much each stat automatically increases per level. The growth rates appear in green beside the corresponding stat value on the Hero information screen.

In the example above, the Hero’s currently has 30 politics points, and has a growth rate of 1 point per level.
How do I recruit more Heroes?
You can recruit Heroes in city Taverns.
Every day you have ten chances to Offer a Toast for ten Silver to refresh the Hero list. Using the Recruit Notice item can give you more chances to Offer a Toast.

If you can’t wait another day to find a great Hero, you can spend Gold to Buy a Round or Host a Feast to refresh more Heroes. There is no limit to the number of times you can Buy a Round or Host a Feast.

You can increase your Hero limit by upgrading the Hero Summit technology.

How can my Hero equip gear?

In the main Hero screen, you can see a list of gear in your inventory on the right. Choose any Weapon, Armor, Mount or Treasure and click “equip” to have your Hero equip that item.

How can my Hero learn more specialties?
Every Hero has six slots each for Skills, Abilities, and Formations. Heroes can use scrolls found in-game to learn more Specialties. Find the scroll in your inventory and click “Use”

Your Heroes are human too, so sometimes when they use scrolls they will fail to grasp the essence of what they’ve read and fail to learn the new specialty.
Using scrolls can produce the following results:
A.    Success: Hero learns new Specialty
B.    Partial Success: Hero learns new Specialty, but forgets an existing Specialty
C.    Failure: Hero fails to learn new Specialty
Specialty Upgrade: When a Hero learns a higher level of an existing Specialty, the lower level Specialty will be replaced

Heroes can gain experience by doing City Operations, using items and, of course, slaying enemies in battle. When enough experience is accumulated, the Hero’s level will increase and all stats will increase according to the Growth Rate.
Heroes earn one free point for distribution per level. Click the + beside one of the Hero’s stats to assign the point.

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