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Beginner Tutorial

Developing your manor

An undeveloped manor:

A developed manor:

What does it take to build a thriving manor?

First you'll need to increase your production power.

For detailed information about building see:

Resource Production

1. The foundation: Resource Production
Resource production will serve as the foundation of all your future military and state-building ventures in 'Clash of kindoms' All of the most important quests will require ample amounts of all 5 resources (Food, Wood, Iron, Stone, Silver) to complete.
In the early stages of the game, upgrading resource buildings to increase production is absolutely essential to the player's future development. As the player advances, it will also become increasingly important to construct military buildings and continue building manors in other cities. Once a player has reached a high level of development in resource production and military production, he/she is ready to go into battle.

2. What are resources and how do I increase them?
Resources are the building blocks of your kingdom, the 5 resources used in 'Clash of Kingdoms' are Wood, Stone, Iron, Food and Silver. Build Lumber Yards, Refineries, Quarries, Farms and Residences to produce Wood, Stone, Iron, Food and Silver respectively.
Players can also use gold to buy or exchange for resources in the Market.

3. Where can I view my resource output?
Click on the Manor tab to enter into the manor and view resource output on the right-side panel.

4. How do I increase my resource output?
In the manor you'll find several different kinds of plots. Other than the plot reserved especially for the Citadel, all other plots can be used for constructing buildings. Different plots will have different effects on a building's resource output. Only by constructing a building on the corresponding plot will you maximize resource output.

Flat Land: a leveled off plot suitable for all buildings.

Forest: doubles wood output.

Stone Mine: Doubles Stone Output

Iron Mine: Doubles Iron Output

Fertile Land: Doubles Food Output

Click on 'Build' or 'Upgrade'.  If your resources are sufficient and the building queue has open projects the button will appear in color, if not it will appear grey.

5. Resource Buildings

The 5 Resource Building types are listed below:

The Lumber Yard is where all Wood is produced.

The Quarry is where all Stone is produced.

The Refinery is where all Iron is produced.

The Farm is where all Food is produced.

The Residence is where all Silver is produced.
6. Other ways of increasing Resource Output

Donate to one of the following four Kingdom Landmarks: Spring Spirit Palace, Earth God Temple, Herb Lord Pagoda or Shrine of Mammon. Every time one of these four Kingdom Landmarks is upgraded, all manors within your Kingdom will see increases in resource output.

You can Expand the Market in your manor's city. Expanding the Market will increase city commerce, which in turn increases the silver output of all manors within that city.

The emporium is also chock full of resource output enhancing items, these items will be sure to give you an edge over the competition.
We've provided a wide array of quests to aid you in your development and show you how best to cooperate with other players to wage war and rein victorious. By developing your character, you can also contribute to the glory and strength of your Kingdom.

New Player Q&A

* A new player here? Don't worry! Here is the top 10 of Newbie's Frequently Asked Questions.This will be helpful to you.

1. I'm new to the game, how do I get started?
You can begin by completing missions to develop systematically and become more acquainted with the game. Level up the "Empire of One" in Research, create more manors to get more resources and silver, and join a powerful legion to fight alongside your friends.

2. How do I join a Legion?
Main interface right bottom corner--->Legion--->Apply

3. How do I get more heroes?
Enter your city, City interface --->Tavern, you can recruit more heroes there. Be sure to first Upgrade Hero Summit in Research to increase your hero limit.

4. How do I level up my hero?
Gain experience to level up. You can gain experience through: City interface--->City Patrol, Expand Market, Improve Road, Repair City Wall and The Caves--->Bandit Blowout. More advanced players can also take part in battles to gain experience.

5. How do I attack?
Rally Troops for your heroes first, then click the city you want to attack on the world map, then deploy there. We suggest you not do that alone. You should ask more people to attack with you, so to join a legion is a better choice.

6. Remember to provide food for the troop!
Rally Troops--->Select a hero--->Add food on Resources panel (click the green number)--->Rally

7. Where is the Arena?
The second button down on the right side of your avatar panel with the crossed swords.

8. How do I donate?
Donate Food: City interface--->right panel --->the sixth icon down--->Reserves, click to donate. You cannot donate if the Reserves is full.

Donate Silver: Main interface right bottom corner--->Kingdom--->Landmarks--->donate

9. How do I promote my Title?
Buy Bronze Mirrors from the Emporium.
Click your avatar panel--->Title Promotion--->Enter the Amount--->Donate

10. Where can I get weapons and gear?
City--->Mystery Shop, press the 'look around' button.


* The Road to Success ( This helps a new player to get their start in game):

Beginner Quests

In order to provide players with ever greater challenges, and in keeping with our players' request to make the quest system a source of guidance, we’ve created a whole new line of quests called ''achievements'' for players who want to take their game to the next level. 

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