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Click   to view the Legion menu. If you aren’t a member of a Legion, you can come here to join an existing Legion or create a new one.

Once you become a Legion member, you can view your Legion information here.

Legion Creation Criteria

A.    Any player with Development above 50, not a member of an existing legion, and belonging to a Kingdom that has not been destroyed can create a Legion.
B.    The Legion name must be unique and cannot exceed 16 letters.
C.    Creating a Legion costs no resources. The founder of a Legion becomes the default legion Commander.
D.    Players can create up to 3 Legions in one day.
E.    Legions can only admit members of the same Kingdom and players can only apply to Legions of their own Kingdom.

Legion Management

A.    Appointing a new Commander: By default, the Legion founder becomes the Commander. A Legion Commander can abdicate the position to any other Legion member. The Commander loses all executive control of the Legion when another player takes charge, so this decision should not be made lightly.
B.    Appointing Deputy Commanders: A Commander can appoint 2 Deputy Commanders. Deputy Commanders have the power to do anything other than disband the legion or appoint a Commander. Commanders cannot appoint themselves as Deputy Commander.
C.    Disband Legion: This order can only be issued by Legion Commander. All members are removed from a Legion when it is disbanded. When a Kingdom is destroyed, all the Legions belonging to that Kingdom will be disbanded automatically.
D.    Group Mail: Send mail to all Legion members.
E.    Banning members: The Commander and Deputy Commanders have the right to ban members from the Legion. Members can quit the legion of their own volition at any time. A Commander in office can’t quit the Legion until the post is abdicated.


Click  , and then view the Legion ranking to see where your Legion lines up in the world-wide Legion list.

Legion structure

Legion Commander: The Legion Commander has the power to appoint and dismiss Legion Commanders, admit and remove members, send Legion invites, and send group mail.
Deputy Commander: There can be two Deputy Commanders per legion. They have the power to admit and remove members, send Legion invites, and send group mail.

The information above is for reference only. Information is subject to change based on in-game values.
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