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There are many missions available to reward your achievements and milestones.  Missions are divided into main missions, civil achievements and military achievements.

Main Missions

Main missions include tutorial missions that help you learn to play the game. The Missions that come after the tutorial missions will guide you towards becoming a contributing member of your faction.


Achievements are designed to give goals and direction for your game play. Aside from the rewards you’ll receive, you are sure to have a nice sense of accomplishment after finishing the harder achievements. Achievements are divided into Civil and Military Achievements.

Stimulus Tasks

Stimulus Tasks are initiated for a limited duration each day/week (depending on the task) by the Premier or Kingdom officials. Stimulus tasks give Kingdom-wide bonuses for a short time, so it’s best for all players coordinate to reap the greatest benefit.

The information above is for reference only. Information is subject to change based on in-game values.

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