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Game Rule

Game rules

These rules are made under the full consideration of game functions and player behaviors. Before starting the game, players should be acquainted with all Terms and Clauses below, and confirm to obey. If your account is frozen due to violation against the Game Rules, you can check this document for reason.

1. Account, password and ownership

1.1 Account
Players are allowed to hold only one active account concurrently, and the registrant possesses full right to in-game data and also takes full responsibility of any action related to that account. Any private agreement between players is considered invalid.

Please protect the security of your account. (Don’t share your password with anyone!) If your account security is compromised, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can temporarily lock the account and limit damages.

1.2 Password

Password is the access to player’s game and shouldn’t be leaked to others in any case. Otherwise the loss caused by anyone with access will not be compensated and the owner should bear the blame for willful risk-taking.

In addition, password cracking is not covered by the policy, either.

1.3 Public computer

More than one account logged from a shared or public computer will be deemed as multi-account using which is illegal and only leads to punishment.

2. Resource transportation

2.1 Excessive resource transportation
Excessive resource received from other accounts will be suspected and under investigation, player who receives a large amount of resource from unknown player should inform GM first.

2.2 Limitation on resource transportation
Resources can only be transported from high rank player to low rank player.

3. Multi-account using

3.1 A player can have only one account active in a server, if not he has the right to choose one to retain and the others will be frozen.

3.2 If you are unsatisfied with the current game, it’s legitimate to register a new one and abandon the use of the old one.

4. Program flaws
If a player finds any flaw in the program, he or she should immediately report it to the Custom Service clients or a game administrator. Abuse program flaws will be regarded as violation to the game rule, and will be punished seriously. CoK team offers rewards for the first player whose bug report is with all required information.

5. Real money trading
Any real money trade on the game contents, including account, resources, in or out of the game will be punished. Players are not allowed to take any profit-seeking act in game.

6. Restrictions on player’s behaviors
Following contents are not allowed to appear in account name, personal profiles, lord name, region name, region declaration and personal messages:

a. Any contents related to obscenity, indelicacy, calumny, racism and superstition;
b. Any contents offensive to the people with specific religion, nationality, gender and age;
c. Any contents that is harmful for children, or against the local or international laws;
d. Any contents against the Game Rules;
e. Any contents extorting or defrauding other players;
f. Any information that intentionally spoil the original interface of the game;
g. Any names derived from 'GM', 'Admin' or other titles which may confuse players;
h. Publishing any advertisement without official permission.

7. Punishments
Punishments correspond to violations, including but not limited to:
Reduce player’s population
Remove manor
Decrease resources
Expel member or dismiss legion
Temporarily freeze or permanently delete one’s account
Deprive of all privilege of the account

7.1 Any loss player suffers during the freezing period, including resource, construction, manor and military troops, will not be compensated.

7.2 When account is frozen
VIP has no privilege over this issue, on either the judgment or the priority in processing.

7.3 Appeal
Players can submit their problems via CS system or mail, and appeals will be treated seriously within 2 working days. By now, we only accept mails written in English or Simplified Chinese.

8. Illegal login
Get access to other players' accounts is strictly forbidden. Those who run against this term will suffer serious punishment, including permanently account freezing. CoK team will never ask users for their passwords under any circumstance.

9. Inducing
Behaviors that induce other players to violate the Game Rules, like hostile transportation or intentionally leaking one’s password, is forbidden.

10. Third-party tools
Any behavior including editing or decoding the game program, developing 3rd-party plug-ins for automatically operation in the game, background controlling, changing the user interface, or making any other changes to the program is not allowed. This game should be loaded by solely internet browsers. Any code that may cause server overloading is illegal to use.

11. Deleting accounts
Players who are willing to delete their accounts are also restrained by the rules. The limitation in the Term 2 still takes effect. Leaving one’s Manor for other players to occupy is forbidden.

12. Gold (In-game currency)

12.1 Compensation
Any losses of gold coins caused by leaking account information will not be compensated, except under the circumstance that the game server is hacked.

If the obtainer of account is going to take legal steps to seek for compensation from the hacker, our team will provide necessary materials, like the login IP record, to the related department.

12.2 Violation
If a player's account is banned because of his disobedience to the Game Rule, his gold coins in the account will not be returned.

12.3 Rules on sharing gold coins
A player's gold coins can be shared in any servers in the same server-group. If his access to a single server is frozen due to the disobedience, he can still login to other servers and use gold coins as well. If his passport is frozen due to serious violation, all the coins in the account are frozen.

13. Editing on rules
CoK team reserves all rights to change the game rules.

14. Amendments on rules
If any term becomes invalid because of a defect, others are still in effect, and administrators have the right to replace the invalid rules with new ones which will immediately take effect as soon as they are announced. Administrators have the right and responsibility to make up any potential flaws in the Game Rules. The behaviors of taking advantage of any flaws in the rules or amendments will be traced back.

15. Daily Maintenance Policy

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