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Asking for Help from a Game Master in a New Server

With the opening of each new server, we will be introducing a new feature for our players. In order to help you get familiar with the game more quickly there will be Game Masters (GM’s) in the new server who can help you out. You can ask them any game-related questions and they will try their best to give you a reply as soon as possible.

How do I find a GM?                

1. Click the “?” at the top left of the screen;

2. Send a mail to a GM by clicking “Request Help”. You can send mails to any GM you want, regardless of which kingdom they belong to;

3. Fill out the Subject and Body of the mail, then send.

In the new server we will have two GM’s. They are "ironman" and "pepper". They will be your guide in the game.

Clash of Kingdoms Team



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