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Congratulations to Shu for the unification of L13 Southern Incursion

After days after nights of sleepless battles and unstoppable conquests, the citizens of L13 have rallied together to achieve unification. Thanks are in order to all premiers, ministers, legion commanders and soldiers who made this possible with their courage, teamwork, and hard work. Victory could not have been achieved without everyone’s joint efforts!


The Premier of Shu: BlackAdder

Kingdom Info:

Shu Officials:

Vice Premiers: Golden_Eagle;JEON
Minister of Military: Taipan
Minister of Diplomacy: Pacu_NoEma
Minister of Engineering: Rex_I

Shu’s top 10 Legions: 

The Top Legion: Pacu

Commander:Pacu_XiYu 3

Shu’s Top 10 Players:

The Top Player: Rex_I

Legion: KingKensArmy

Congratulations to Shu again for the unification of L13. This is not the end of your journey, we foresee further conquests in your future!

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-The Clash of Kingdoms Team

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