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Gold Legendary Heroes for Free! –S58 Bronze Finch Terrace is Coming!(Country Server)

We are glad to tell you that New Server Bronze Finch Terrace will be launched at 6 PM on November 19th. The server will be Use the normal 2.00 version, 

For Celebrate the new server open, Clash of Kingdoms Team will sent some exchange code with e-mail to players, the code contained some basic items and knife coins, the amount of kcoins could be 300, 500, or 1000 ,players will receive them randomly. The code only can be used in S58. The e-mail will be sent to players after 1-5 days the server open.
You can bind your e-mail with your account here:

Special setting of the Server

1.        The marching speed of troops will be the 5 times the normal server ,and don’t consume food.
2.        Throw a Gala in tavern will be available from the beginning 
3.        Make Donation for scouting gears will be available from the beginning 
4.        Make Donation for scouting scrolls will be available from the beginning 
5.        10 gold enhancement will be available from the beginning
6.        This server is a country server, the country system will be opened in this server, if you want to know more information about the country system, please look into: 

Special Event for S58(Part I)
Duration: November 19th 6 PM – No limit

Players can recruite Gold Legendary Heroes: Ma Chao, Cheng Pu and Wang Shuang from the tavern directly after login the game

1.        According to this event, only one of these heroes you can recruit for free during this event, please create the character on time.
2.        Heroes introduction:

Special Event for S58(Part II)

Duration: November 19th 6 PM –No limit

You can claim Captain's Courage effect and launch rate tokenx1 after login the game
You can claim Lv.30 Hero's Valor effect and Siege Master effect and Siege Commander effect boosting blue accessoryx1 after the level of your main character reach lv.30
You can claim Lv.60 Hell's Cavalry effect and launch rate and leadership boosting blue mountx1after the level of your main character reach lv.60

Players can claim these rewards from the Events & Announcements panel directly.

Special Event for S58(Part III)

Duration: November 19th 6 PM –November 25th 11:59 PM

In the first week after the server open, The Bronze Seal Bonus(Receive an additional Copper Embossed Chest for each 50 Gold spent while the Bronze Seal is active.) will be activated for Free for every players ,but there will be no gold added to players from the Bronze Seal Bonus

Players only can get the Copper Embossed Chest from the Bronze Seal Bonus after spent 50 golds, but here will be no gold added to players from the Bronze Seal Bonus

S58 Hot Event: [url] [/url]

Launch Time: November 19th 6:00 PM(PDT)
Server Link:
Map: Shao, Jiao, Tao, Dong, Ma. Meng

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-The Clash of Kingdoms Team
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